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We recently teamed up with Woman’s Day magazine to give one lucky winner our newest residential product, the Portacool Cyclone™ 1000.

Our lucky winner - J. Dicus - lives in Magnolia, Texas, which is located outside of Houston. He recently sent us an update on how he likes using the outdoor cooler. Here’s what he had to say:

 “So excited to win the Portacool [evaporative cooler]! I do my own simple maintenance on my cars, truck and motorcycles in my garage that includes changing oil, brakes and fluids. Being in Texas with temperatures right now  @ 100+degrees F, the Portacool is a life saver when a standard fan just isn’t enough.

 It is very simple to operate as well as easy to maneuver anywhere I need it in the garage. I am afraid I am already spoiled with it because when I am in the garage to do some tinkering I first think of where to position the Portacool [evaporative cooler] in order to be comfortable while I work.

 The adjustable louvers are a blessing too. If I am under the car draining oil I just move the louvers down to send a refreshing stream of air under the car as I work. And if I am under the hood, I just move the louvers up.

 Pardon the pun, but this Portacool is ‘cool’.”

August_Dicus_Family_showing_their_coolingThanks, J. Dicus!  And now it’s your turn – tell us how you use your Portacool evaporative cooler and send us a pic for a chance to be featured in our social media.


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