Heat is on the way...

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Thu, May 14, 2015 @ 07:00 PM

As we draw closer to June, one thing is certain: the heat is coming! Weather predictions indicate a majority of the country can expect a hotter summer than last. In fact, much of the USA will experience 90°+ temperatures.

Now is the time to prepare for these conditions BEFORE the mercury rises. If you manage work spaces that are open and difficult to cool, or if you are planning significant work outdoors or even entertaining this summer by the grill,  begin assessing your cooling needs now. High temperature environments can contribute to a slower work pace and increase the need for frequent breaks. In fact, studies show that worker productivity will decrease by more than 1% for every two degrees when temperatures rise over 77°F. At temperatures of 92°F or higher, there is a 16.6% decrease in productivity.  And, working in high temperature areas also increases the threat of heat-related illnesses.

Securing effective, affordable cooling solutions ahead of time will be a huge relief when respite from the heat is needed in those hard-to-cool spaces. Consider your cooling options.  Oscillating and ceiling fans simply blow stagnant warm air around.  Smaller fans are portable, but may not be powerful enough to cover a large, open area effectively.  Ceiling fans offer no portability and installation can be costly in an industrial environment.  Misters pose a drenching side effect when used outdoors and often not conducive in a working environment. Evaporative coolers are designed to create a noticeable difference by lowering temperatures by as much as 30°F.  


Portacool portable evaporative cooling products combine the natural power of evaporation with the highest quality evaporative media to provide maximum cooling efficiency.  The portability of these evaporative coolers is particularly convenient. They can go anywhere they are needed:  in the garage, shop, auto bay, patio or outdoor work area.  As you begin assessing your needs, we appreciate your consideration. When comfort counts, Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers offer the lowest-cost, most effective cooling solution available.

Visit our products pages to check out our portable evaporative coolers to select the product that is right for you.

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