Today's Evaporative Coolers Are NOT Yesterday's Swamp Coolers - Here's Why

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Thu, Jun 02, 2016 @ 02:16 PM

Last week we talked about how evaporative coolers work.  Now let's explore WHY they work so well.

You may have heard the term ‘swamp cooler’ in the past used to refer to the process of using evaporation to cool an area. While evaporative coolers use the same general principles as antiquated swamp coolers, the technology of modern-day evaporative coolers has evolved to become much more energy efficient and effective.  It can be said that an evaporative cooler’s effective operation hinges squarely on technology of the evaporative media (e.g. the surface that collects the water). Quality evaporative media, manufactured in a trustworthy facility by expertly trained technicians, is an important element to selecting a long-lasting evaporative cooler. The best evaporative media features superior materials that are intelligently designed via a unique production technique that ultimately maximizes the interaction between air and water for superior cooling. 

Better Evaporative Media Matters

KUUL® evaporative media is the most advanced evaporative cooling media on the market and comes standard with every Portacool evaporative cooler we make. The KUUL Comfort™ series is made specifically to meet Portacool, LLC performance requirements and is 20% cooler than previously used evaporative media. It provides the highest efficiency cooling of any evaporative media on the market.KUUL-banner.png

The bottom line to you?  Today’s evaporative coolers are among the most energy-efficient cooling methods available thanks to the advances in technology, design and material.  Even better, most require the same amount of electricity used to run standard household appliances and operate for pennies an hour. Our Portacool products are made in the USA with domestic and global parts. We take pride in providing the most efficient evaporative cooler available.   



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