The Heat is ON!

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Wed, Jun 15, 2016 @ 01:12 PM

The official start to summer is on Monday, June 20th, but a good portion of the country is going to experience a huge heat wave BEFORE then. According to AccuWeather reports and Senior Meteorologist Ken Clark, the forecast for this week includes historic heat.

Full report here:

"Heat will build to dangerous and record-challenging levels in much of the southwestern United States toward this weekend and into early next week.

Temperatures will climb well past 100 F in parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona with the worst days of heat likely from Saturday to Tuesday.

However, the heat will not stop there.

'A truly historic heat wave is likely to bring intense and all-time record challenging heat to a large part of the Southwest this weekend into next week,' says Clark."


As we talk about regularly, the danger of heat stress and illness is real AND it CAN be prevented with precautions. Remember to protect yourself from sun and hot weather while you’re outdoors. Normally, the body cools itself by sweating, but when the weather is particularly hot and humid, you may not sweat enough to keep yourself cool. When one’s body temperature increases too much, heat-related illnesses can occur.

Here are a few tips  to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this summer:

* Choose your outdoor time wisely. Whenever possible, avoid spending time outside during the hottest parts of the day, typically noon to 5 p.m. Choose outdoor activities that you can enjoy in the early morning or evening, such as grilling or going for a walk. 

* Keep everyone hydrated. When the weather is hot, it’s more important than ever to ensure everyone in the family – from children and pets to parents and grandparents – gets enough water. While outdoors, be sure to have ample bottled water on hand and don’t forget to keep your pet’s bowl filled— especially outdoors.

* Leverage cooling technology to make outdoor spaces more comfortable. Sometimes, you have to be outside during hotter times of day. Keeping cool is key. Portable evaporative coolers like the Portacool Cyclone 1000, use the natural process of evaporation to make outdoor spaces more comfortable during hot weather. As discussed last week, these evaporative coolers move water over evaporative cooling media to produce chilled air that provides a noticeable difference. This can make outdoor spaces such as the patio, deck or garage more bearable in the heat. 

* Seek shade. If your patio or deck isn’t covered, use movable umbrellas or awnings to create plenty of shade. Going to a ballgame or the beach? Take an umbrella to shield you from the sun, or wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face.

* Choose weather-smart attire. When the weather’s very hot and the sun is bright, choose loose-fitting clothing made from lightweight materials and opt for lighter colors. This type of clothing will be more comfortable when you sweat, and lighter colors reflect heat more efficiently. If you’ll be working outdoors for any length of time, consider long-sleeved shirts and long pants in moisture-wicking materials to help shield your skin from sun exposure.

* Don’t overdo it with exercise. While vigorous exercise has many benefits, engaging in strenuous activity in extreme heat can do far more harm than good. If you enjoy an outdoor run or have yardwork to do, try to reserve it for the coolest times of day—early morning and evening. Consider taking your exercise routine indoors to a gym or your own living room when temperatures are very hot.

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Posted by Melodie Elliott on Thu, Aug 13, 2015 @ 04:47 PM

We recently teamed up with Woman’s Day magazine to give one lucky winner our newest residential product, the Portacool Cyclone™ 1000.

Our lucky winner - J. Dicus - lives in Magnolia, Texas, which is located outside of Houston. He recently sent us an update on how he likes using the outdoor cooler. Here’s what he had to say:

 “So excited to win the Portacool [evaporative cooler]! I do my own simple maintenance on my cars, truck and motorcycles in my garage that includes changing oil, brakes and fluids. Being in Texas with temperatures right now  @ 100+degrees F, the Portacool is a life saver when a standard fan just isn’t enough.

 It is very simple to operate as well as easy to maneuver anywhere I need it in the garage. I am afraid I am already spoiled with it because when I am in the garage to do some tinkering I first think of where to position the Portacool [evaporative cooler] in order to be comfortable while I work.

 The adjustable louvers are a blessing too. If I am under the car draining oil I just move the louvers down to send a refreshing stream of air under the car as I work. And if I am under the hood, I just move the louvers up.

 Pardon the pun, but this Portacool is ‘cool’.”

August_Dicus_Family_showing_their_coolingThanks, J. Dicus!  And now it’s your turn – tell us how you use your Portacool evaporative cooler and send us a pic for a chance to be featured in our social media.


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Posted by Melodie Elliott on Wed, Aug 05, 2015 @ 12:44 PM

As we embark on the homestretch of summer, we can certainly look forward to a few more days of sultry weather in most parts of the country. No matter where you live, everyone can agree that being cool and comfortable is key to truly enjoying your work or play activities.

A highlight of our summer is hearing tales of how Portacool has 'saved the summer' for business and homeowners who found relief in a variety of scenarios. This month, we want to hear how Portacool is making a difference for you. Please share your story with us here or click below.

Just a few lines and a pic would be great. And, you never know, your story could be selected to appear on our social media. So send us your pic of your Portacool at work and your story now!

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Thanks to the Ridings for sending in their outdoor summer wedding story noting how the outdoor cooler (the Portacool Cyclone) kept the bride and her guests cool in June when outdoor A/C wasn't an option.


Thanks to Alan at WestCoast Enterprises for sharing his business story:

"Our Warehouse gets very hot durning the Summer, but being so large I didn't know what to do to cool it down. Then I happened upon the Portacool Hurricane at Bike Week in Las Vegas,  bought 2 of them and man my guys like coming to work now!"



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